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(Note: This website is not yet finished, and probably never will be. Don't click on anything. It will not work.)



The basic premise of this website domain is that:


  • Religion may be of God, but God cannot be placed in a box labeled Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Islam nor any other man-made religious title.
  • Genesis is the true story of our origins and an explanation of our purpose for being.
  • Revelation begins and ends with the Pentateuch. It has not been made obsolete or complemented by any other written or oral document, person, work, creed, grace,  deed, or "scientific" theory.
  • God is not humanified, but rather Man is deified. Adam is the extension of the God-being and we are extensions of Adam. Our minds thereby are plurally and singly of God.
  • That Adam and Eve were the same created person(s) until God separated them into male and female complementing genders (Gen 5:2).

Subsequently this site is expected to have very limited appeal. “Adam’s Choices” is a philosophic and informational forum based on Genesis that links to essays and treatises designed to provoke thought, research and study. The emphasis is on Biblical rather than religious values. There will be numerous Biblical verses sited and commented upon. Opinions presented here may seem contrary but are never hostile. True Godliness is Godliness regardless of any formal religion or absence thereof, and is manifested in the Biblical principle of love towards God and neighbor.


The founder of these pages is not a scholar; makes no claim to be a theological authority; has no acknowledged credentials; and will not always provide scriptural proof. The mere reading of these pages will accomplish nothing. Correctness of the information is to be determined by the readers themselves. Those who choose to refer to these links will be expected to do their own research to determine the comments right, wrong, or missing the point. They will be expected to use that non-physical part of themselves that is of God - the Mind. It is okay to agree or disagree with the points presented here only after such study has been accomplished.


Much of the opinion expressed here belongs, perhaps to the universe but are herein presented as the author's own backseat driving unless otherwise indicated. It is sincerely hoped that this site is profitable for learning, instructions and edification. “Adam’s Choices” is for searchers.


This is a privately owned domain with no ads; in-your-face pop-ups; hidden software; social media tools; proselytizing or requests for donations. It is neither sponsored nor financed by any business or religious organization.