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Condie Erwin
Betty & Condie Erwin, 2002 Caricature by: A'nita Jere Cannon "Mrs. Noah" http://childrenareforever.com/

Condie Erwin is an active constitutional conservative Republican American who is happily married to Betty, his wife of 26 years. He left the 10th grade to join the U.S.A.F. and to see the world. During his eight years in the military as an Intelligence Specialist he was stationed in the Philippines, North Dakota, Germany, and Turkey. He got his G.E.D. and was able to take several evening basic liberal arts and various beginning science college courses both during and after his military service. He had numerous jobs and eventually retired after 27 years as an engineer technician and chemist's assistant for his State’s Department of Transportation


Betty is an active Christian with a very small group of Sabbath keepers who meet weekly for their “Services” in each other’s homes. They come together in much larger groups to observe the annual Sabbath’s (Holy Days called “Feasts”) that our subscribers to Adam’s Choices Weekly Studies will study in Leviticus.


Condie eventually ceased to call himself Christian or a member of any religious organization. None-the-less, he actively supports several religious organizations that engage in Godly practices as defined by the Scriptures; mainly: the love for God, neighbor, and self. That is the common denominator. He believes that the name of a person’s chosen or taught organized religion is far less important than what that person does with it.


Erwin accepts the British/Israelite theory that the English speaking peoples of the world are descended from the two Israelite tribes of Joseph, and that Israel was destined to become the role model for the world. We were positive models for a while but have now forgotten that role.

"...America did not create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America." - Bobby Jindal

He is strongly opposed to legalized abortion and marriages that go contrary to the biblical norm. He acknowledges that America was basically Christian and was the first nation to credit God in its constitution. To the extent that America has been founded on the Christianity of Godliness as opposed to the early European Christianity of hatred, Erwin knows that God has blessed America. Not only is the American constitution openly and soundly founded on God’s laws, but so was America’s Christian public education system that was once considered the best in the world.


That foundation is crumbling.


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