Creation is a given. Evolution is a denial of God within Man

Fairy Tales and Fallacy

Those in this modern world who may be for the first time trying to muddle through the story of creation found in Genesis can be forgiven for assuming that the creation story is an alternative to what modern science is treating as fact. Unfortunately the Genesis story is both badly translated and very misunderstood. Hopefully this series, Adam’s Choices will help to clear up the dilemma.


Creation is a given. The theory of evolution was developed as a denial of the Creator God. Ultimately it is a denial of ourselves, and of God’s Purpose for mankind. What God cannot reveal about the details of creation is that which is not physically possible for us to see, just as it was not physically possible for Moses to see the eternity in the face of God (Ex 33:20). None-the-less, I very much appreciate Charles Darwin and his famous Origin of the Species.

Now (the theory of) evolution is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.     (Condie’s redaction of Hebrews 11:1)

Genesis - Is It for Real?: Years ago I hated the Book of Genesis. Of all of the books in scripture, it is the one that made least sense to me. It was obviously a fairy tale of impossibilities.


Then someone proved to me that the modern theory, accepted as fact by the scientific community, is even more impossible. It is called the “Theory of Evolution.” It was about that time that I began to realize much of our present societal behavior is based upon nonsensical fairy tales: Christmas trees and mandatory gift exchanging; crossing the fingers makes it okay to tell lies, but crossing the heart or swearing on a Bible validates a truth; tooth fairies; Easter bunnies; valentines; Halloween. Astrology can predict your future. The breast bones of turkeys or the blowing out of candles on a cake can somehow mysteriously grant wishes. The latest head scratching fairy tale is that boys and girls are the same genderless "its" who should share bathrooms. (The developers of that demeaning theory probably have their fingers crossed.)


The Dilemma: This was a considerable quandary. I could no longer believe the evolutionary nonsense, but neither could I accept Genesis or other religion connected fairy tale delusions. Numerous inquiries of the churches and synagogues failed to shed light on the dilemma. I knew that the Bible was the word of God, and if I did not understand it, the problem was mine to solve. The need to look outside the box of standard religious teaching became obvious.


I can now smile when looking back on those days. The book that was most hated is now the most beloved. I could now easily spend a lifetime studying Genesis. There is no end to the discoveries that one makes in doing so.


New ‘Kids’ on the Block: Darwin dared to think outside the box of religion. In doing so he forced others to rethink creation and to create another religion termed the ‘Theory of Evolution’ and is erroneously called “science.”  If we are going to take religion out of the schools and textbooks, then this fake religion of evolution should also be removed.

"Sciences...should be taught...with reference to the Being who is the Author of them...How is it that when we study the works of God in the creation, we stop short and do not think of God? It is from the error of the schools."     THOMAS PAINE

Torah is You: Most religious dogma is a struggle to escape the responsibility of reason. The Pentateuch reflects the mind of the Creator and of His mirror image – Man. It is your life and truth. Adam’s Choices is designed to challenge its readers to think. Our staunchly maintained premise is that the Pentateuch (Torah, Chumash) is the Word of God.

“This is just as true when it comes to understanding God's plan. At times we see the colorful parts, at times the dark parts, but we can never step back far enough to see the whole picture. To step back far enough is to step into the next world.” Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Aish HaTorah.

Charles Darwin, too, was a searcher. He could not believe in the God made in the image of the religious dogma of his day. His research and findings led to incorrect conclusions.


I appreciate Darwin because I, too, do not believe in the God about which we have been taught; and because Darwin’s theories have compelled me to take a closer look at scriptures. I am still looking and searching. If you choose to participate in this forum, the same will be expected of you. Adam’s Choices will not always be comfortable because it will often question previously held paradigms and premises. We are here to learn.

You want to find your true self, you want to reach your greatest potential, to be the best you can be – first you must leave your comfort zones, your biased attitudes, your previous contexts, your old patterns. Open yourself up to a new perspective, travel on new roads, lift your eyes and see new vistas. Simon Jacobson




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