Purpose: Why this Website?

Do not denigrate the understanding of yourself to the delusions of others.

Man is the only created being who can acquire knowledge, but each individual must acquire his own knowledge, or it is not his own. It is someone else’s. God created human beings with minds. He expects us to use them. The Adam’s Choices Study Notes and Supplementals will encourage personal research. This study will look at the Book of Genesis from perspective that is neither religious nor irreverent - but very human. Diverse thoughts will be presented and designed to challenge the reader to look much more closely at Torah than ever before, as well as to step back and view it from a distance. Subscribers will be dependent upon their own inquiries and the logical conclusions of their research.


The policy of Adam’s Choices is that whenever manifest reason conflicts with “faith” or feelings - reason always prevails. Mysticism and soupy abstractions are discouraged. Skepticism is encouraged. Cynicism is forbidden. Agreement is not required, but thinking is demanded.

Genesis teaches our purpose for being. The rest of Torah teaches us HOW to fulfill that potential.

Potential: The core of Adam’s Choices will be Genesis. The Book of Genesis defines who man is and why he exists. Without Genesis the rest of the Bible is meaningless.

Life and good (blessings), and death and evil (curses) were first introduced in the story of Garden Eden (Gen 2:8-9, 15-17). The Five Books (Chumash) continually point back to Eden, which represents wisdom. (Compare Deut 30:15-20, with the fundamental theme found in the first chapters of Genesis.)  Adam's Choices is a sharing of a personal research and study. The studies will go somewhat chronologically through the Scriptures and will include my own thoughts and commentaries. Alternate intelligent, unemotional thoughts and comments by subscribers will be welcome.

For a brief period of my life I was a civil engineering surveyor. It soon became clear that getting a straight line view meant cutting through bushes and tree branches. This work requires a similar clearing of the view. At first progress is expected to be slow because it will involve much unlearning.

Scripture has traditionally been studied by looking from the top down or from the outside-in like a chess game. To play chess or study the Bible from the bottom up or the inside out, however is an entirely different perspective. Adam, Eve, Abraham, Lot, etc. were real people who saw their world from a perspective that we cannot. They had real struggles and concerns. My hope is to try to see, as much as possible, from their perspective - with the potential of seeing these Biblical figures as real human beings without the traditional Biblical nonsense that is dreamed up by religion. And we can have a bit of fun along the way.


Purpose: The purposes and goals of The Adam’s Choices Website Study Program:

  1. To develop a renascent interest in Genesis, and an appreciation of the Pentateuch by engaging in an extended, but not exhaustive, study and commentary of these first books of the bible.
  2. To develop the personality of God and the deity of man by including scenarios that might be seen, felt or heard in modern culture.
  3. To build the main characters into real flesh-and-blood personable human beings with faults and successes, as apposed to the fairytale saints and monsters that we have been taught.
  4. To present essays, treatises, and personal thought – open to intelligent, credible challenge.
  5. To invite expert writing help in some subjects where I am weakest.
  6. To make an irresistible sweet potato pie.

Okay, okay. I threw the last purpose in to let the subscriber know that this study will contain moments of seriousness and pleasure. Our chronological progress will go very slowly and is expected to take several years.

“You can’t put Mister God in a box. Ya gots to let Mister God be free.” – Paraphrased from “Mister God this is Anna” by Fynn

BTW - I am Not “Saved”: There will be no proselytizing in these pages nor any allowed in the subscriber responses to the studies. Those who feel the need to try to “convert” others are, in fact, proving that they are very insecure in their own beliefs. Our purpose is merely to provide challenges that will compel others to take a closer look at the Scriptures. We expect it to be uncomfortable, humorous, enlightening and challenging. Okay, okay I might get into a bit of parochial moralizing, but I promise not to preach. "To God, and not to man, are all men accountable on the score of religion" (Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776.) Those who wish only to fuel their romantic fervor for their religion or to promote a personal cause should NOT subscribe to Adam’s Choices 


Itchy Back to Road Map Puzzle: A desire to find the answer to a specific question is like the urge to scratch a specific itch on your back. Before it is sufficiently scratched a dozen new itches appear, and with great pleasure you finish by scratching the whole back.

Truth is an elusive thing that must be continually sought after.
(Based on Deut 4:29)

Knowledge builds on knowledge, and sharing knowledge is the means of growing. Thus far, however, we have only been given the tools for the search, and have, for the most part, wandered over territory that others have unsuccessfully scouted. Many modern seekers are finding pieces of the puzzle, but none have the whole picture. By putting together pieces of the puzzle a new map is emerging – the road map back to Eden!


Condie Erwin

Contact: condie@cox.net