The following Adam's Choices extras are planned essays and treatises designed to supplement our studies. Some of these will reflect ideas that are somewhat contrary to the popular norm. They will be sent automatically to subscribers as they become available.


To have a greater knowledge of God is to have greater understanding of ourselves. To have greater knowledge of ourselves is to have greater understanding of God. To truly know ourselves is to know God in all men.

Terminology: Many words commonly used by the religious have taken on incorrect definitions and uses. Adam’s Choices supplements attempts to use these words as they were meant in scripture.


Adam’s Choice: Did Adam really have a choice in that garden? Does a child have a choice of either learning to walk or to be carried forever? This treatise places a different slant on the traditional view of the famous “fall” of man.


Dam V'Nefesh (Blood and Soul): Why is there so much emphasis on blood in Torah? Why is it so important that the blood of animals be poured out on the ground and not be eaten by human beings? This supplement makes a connection between blood and soul. It does not accept that Jesus/Yeshua would have established a practice of drinking blood at the Passover Seder.


Father/Mother Genderful God & Man: Many have denied that there is sexuality in God. Others suggest that He is "above" sexuality. This extensive treatise suggests that God is both male and female, and that the first person Adam is a reflection of the male/female Creator. Some Christians have a problem with this treatise because it does not take their Father/Son god image into consideration.


Life or Human?: Exactly when does the human embryo become a human soul? The answer may be surprising.


Genius of Solomon: Wisdom, Wealth and Power Unequaled


Ecclesiastes  – Universal Rhythm: All of Creation is Fleeting and Transient. 


Wh-wh-wh-where is God?: A philosophical essay on the 'nature' of God. What we can and cannot know.


Esther – The Politician: Was Esther a Beautiful Pawn, or a Brilliant Politician?


Name in Vain: What does it really mean to take the name of God in vain?  Does it have anything to do with cursing and swearing? Should we be careful to pronounce and spell the Name of God correctly? Should we substitute the Name with other terms? This treatise suggests that almost all of man's ideas regarding the correct or incorrect use of God's name are misdirected.


Replacement Theology: All religions, without exception, are guilty of replacement theology. This hard-hitting treatise has not been well received, and has caused me to be called many unpleasant names including anti-rabbinical, anti-Christian, and anti-Messianic. In truth, I am somewhat anti-religion in that, in my opinion, religious dogma is the single biggest obstacle to Torah study. This, in turn, hampers the search for God. Please do not request this supplement if you are very sensitive to having your pet religious beliefs looked at objectively.


Eden, Paradise, Nirvana: Where are they spoken of in scripture? What exactly are they? How they will be achieved.


Kabbalah – Golden Calf: This is a hard hitting essay suggesting that Kabbalah is just another replacement for God, Torah, and reason.


Birthdays: An essay reflecting the opinion that the celebration of birthdays is merely a vanity trip that may be rooted in Pagan idolatry. If you celebrate birthdays and would be offended by a contrary opinion, please do not request this supplement.


Pride and Thanksgiving: This short essay presents a contrast between pride and thanksgiving. It should not be a problem to anyone except those who insist that pride is a good thing to have.


United Division: A short essay reflecting my thoughts regarding the End Time divisions among those who are diligently searching for God through Torah. There is nothing deep bubbling to the surface.


Reincarnation: Do the scriptures disprove the theory of reincarnation or provide evidence for it?  Don’t be too quick to answer.


Meat and Milk: This is a fascinating and controversial subject. If you are threatened by diverse opinions, do not request this Supplement.


Pedigree of Noah: Was pre-flood Noah a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) in a world filled with demon/human (Angel-Saxon) mutant giants? (Pun intended.) This treatise explores that supposition.


Rape of Dinah: Tradition indicates that the Canaanite, Shekem, raped Dinah, daughter of Jacob. Scripture, however, suggests that she was romantically persuaded. In either case, was the destruction of a village called for?


Angels & Demons: Living beings or Godly tools?


Holy Spirit or Mind of Separateness?  Some of man’s ideas concerning the composition of God.




“Mister God, This is Anna” Book Report:  "‘One’ is the correct answer to squillions and squillions of questions!"


"Age of Reason": Critique of Thomas Paine's influential essay on the subject of Deism.


Scriptural Songs by Condie (PDF): A few scripture based songs that I wrote some years ago for guitar chording. Most have been arranged by a friend for piano and group singing.


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